Sell Property Abroad | Spain, Portugal, Cyprus

  • Description

    For many years, buyers across the world have bought property in the sun – that could be a holiday retreat, a retirement home, or as a business & personal investment, there’s never been a better time to explore the potential of international real estate, and for you to earn commission on property sales!

    The market for international clients is historically strong – for example, 110k sales to foreign buyers every year in Spain, 65k in France, 35k in Portugal and 5k in Cyprus and with attractive commissions this ensure that sales in these warmer climates are an appealing and profitable opportunity

    Our extensive portfolio means that you can focus on front end marketing to generate client leads while we focus on supplying property, contacting listing agents & new build developers, and helping clients through the process to a smooth purchase.

    Propsearch is a unique and low-cost opportunity to enter the international real estate market using state of the art smart technology – it’s a real time website – as soon as a property is added, or removed, or a price is changed our central database is updated and immediately reflected on your site.

    What the Sale Includes for Your Own Property Portal Site  <-- Click for live site

    • Your own Property Portal Website with your own choice of domain, hosted free for 12 months
    • 25% of commission received payable to you
    • Portfolio of 60,000+ properties in the sun
    • Additional services including legal, currency exchange, mortgages, insurance
    • .com / .live / .net domain or sub domain that can either integrate into your current site (as a click) or operate independently
    • Choose your own colour scheme to match your current business / preferences
    • Mobile app which your clients can install on their own devices
    • QR code – reflecting your site colours to use in your marketing and social media
    • Access to your CRM to review client progress
    • Your site will be updated in real time and with personalised branding
    • We qualify leads, find the right property and liaise with agents and developers
    • You collect your commissions within 48 hours of our receipt of funds from a completed sale
    • Unlimited Support from our experienced team
    • Live Marketing Training Webinars & Videos

    You are entering into a Trading Agreement, please review The Trading Agreement before proceeding.

    This Property Site is provided by one of our Partners and will be delivered to you within 3 days.

  • Benefits

    Addtional Benefits:

    • Formatted Facebook Logo
    • Formatted Facebook Banner
    • An enjoyable business in a growing and lucrative market
    • Home-Based Business
    • Low Start up Cost & Overhead
    • Niche Expanding Market
    • Great Earning Potential
    • Set your own Targets
    • Part or Full Time